photo :: loft life

It's Tuesday... which means another installment of INSPIRED SPACES! This week's space is one that I've adored since seeing this photo probably over a year ago. I never could find the source of the photo until recently...

It's a loft in NYC's Chelsea, home to a photographer. I love the mix of woods with metal with natural elements. I also love the subdued and restrained color palette. Check out more of the loft at Loft Life.

I have to say it was kinda difficult putting together this week's Inspired Spaces. But, I think it came together nicely and for less money than I imagined it would take to get the look above. Enjoy...

1 :: Indian Paint Rock Rough from Great Rough, $8.50/pound
2 :: Danish Modern Teak Tall Cabinet from LenConMod, $799
3 :: Potence Lamp from OneFortyThree, $375
4 :: Chair from West Elm via Shelterrific
5 :: Jacob Wool Throw from, £33.19
6 :: Black Cube Table from Pedestal Source, $190 - $322
7 :: Danish Modern Settee from, Sold
8 :: Hans Olsen Chair from artcru via Flickr
9 :: Mata Ortiz Mexican Art Pottery from sevenbc, $325


  1. It's a gorgeous space- but can it really be that pristine all the time? Can it? I need to dust and fold things neatly now... ;)

  2. @van... you know it's NOT like that ALL the time... i mean, who lives like that?! I think they need to create a show where they make surprise visits on people who have their homes photographed and shown in magazines to see if they really do live like that. haha.

  3. Beautiful! The red chair is a dream.

    Camila F.

  4. @flores... yes, that red chair is great! i once saw one of these years ago in a junk shop but didn't get it. doh!