Lots of bright red, yellow and orange items in the Kitsch Café shop lately. Check 'em out...

1 :: Woah... loving this amazing Danish Modern Erik Kold red mixing bowl.
2 :: Add some vintage charm to your next party with this great bright orange Serving tray with cutting tile.
3 :: Super mod and super designy Vignelli designed Heller plastic plates for your table.
4 :: I'm thinking of keeping this amazing Coca-Cola bottle carrier so somebody better snatch it up, now before I officially become a hoarder!
5 :: This versatile and Expandable coat and hat rack would be amazing in any modern home.
6 :: These Striped glass tumblers are a great way to add some vintage charm to your next outdoor/summery dinner with friends.


  1. loving that tray! and all of the bright colors for that matter :)

  2. @school... the tray is great! i love that it has a cutting tile in the middle.

  3. awesome!!! i've seen people use number 5 for a coffee cup hanger and number 1 oh swoon!

  4. Ohhh <3 for all of these! A very festive, vintage summertime feel.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  5. @sandi... coffee mug holder... great idea!

    @jackie... it IS very summery!

    @littlebouquets... i love it, too!