I keep a folder on my computer desktop called "interior inspiration images." When I find an image I like on a blog or website, I drag it to the folder. I just spent some time sifting through it and picked out four favorite vintage inspired spaces. Enjoy...

I love a mix of styles and this room makes my heart flutter. The rug with the chairs with the painting with the table is uh-mazing.

Painting of waving bride, check. Saarinen inspired chairs and table, check. West German pottery vase, check. Spanish and North African tiles, check. Effortless Euro coolness, check.

Who doesn't love a good mix of kitschy wall art?!

Another mix I like is modern with tribal. It goes so well together and the room above is perfect. I love all those lightly stained wood stools and tables. And that awesome black wall lamp is making me melt.


  1. I love the wall of eclectic paintings best! I don't let myself keep an interior design inspiration folder, it would get too full too fast!

  2. I have a similar folder on my computer, simply called "Inspirations". I love looking through it and getting ideas for thrifting trips and design projects! I have a feeling that the pictures you've posted here are going to end up in my folder! :)

  3. oh my goodness i LOVE modern & tribal/natural (like west elm- which is about all i know to compare it to). woooo i am in desperate need of your amazing sophisticated interior design sense.

  4. i love that wall lamp too - and the painting wall. i dream of creating a wall like that of family photos - creating it to look like a family tree. wouldn't that be cool?

  5. @van... my folder is pretty full, but i can't help myself. now that i am on pinterest it has eased a bit.

    @echo... glad i could contribute to your stash!

    @ally... modern and tribal work soooo well together. and it's fairly easy to put together inexpensively.

    @angelika... i love your family tree idea!

  6. I'm obsessed with the painting of that bride waving. Someone PLEEEEASE tell me how I could possibly own it so that I can get some sleep at night.