It's another installment of "What I Didn't Buy." You all seemed to really like the last time I wrote about everything I didn't buy while thrifting. So, I thought I'd do it again. Enjoy...

I am not sure these two chairs were vintage or just retro. The blue one looks vintage because of the wear and style of the legs/base. The orange one looks more like IKEA. But they were both made by some company in Nashville... I didn't recognize the name.

These mirrors with yellow flower patterns were pretty cool. But they aren't exactly my style and I don't want to worry about shipping them if I sold them in the shop. And that black velvet painting was too creepy not to take a photo.

I do want a new mid-century desk, but this one wasn't going to cut it. I like the side table but this one is too much of a look. And that Danish modern inspired folding chair actually made it in to my cart and is now sitting in my living room. Hey, it was half off day and I couldn't resist for only $5.

The 1980s are back so anything from that era gets my attention. I loved the "Kid-Corder" but it was in rough shape. And does anyone still use cassette tapes, even in an ironic hipster way? I have a similar "Jetbag" but this one was in poor condition. Too bad because it was pretty cool. In my dreams I find one in great shape in gray or black.

Once again... furniture that's awesome but that I didn't want to buy because 1) it needs work and 2) extra furniture right now isn't the best idea for me. That silver side table is too cool, though.

What have you found recently that you didn't buy?


  1. I'm really into the gold bar cart! The desk is super adorable, but I would have passed it up too cuz it looks kid sized :)

  2. I recorded three albums on cassette! Not to be ironic, but because at the time that was all I had- no computer or recording equipment. Just a stereo with a karaoke mic...

  3. Those chairs are really cool, love the curved shape of the blue one.

  4. @velvet... the bar cart was cool, but i have a feeling it would just be place to put more "stuff".

    @lily... i used to record songs off the radio on to cassettes. how funny.

    @victoria... i really like the orange chair, but it was in really rough shape.

  5. All of those treasures you passed up...I love the orange chair and that desk.

    I just bought three cassettes yesterday, matter of fact. 10 cents a piece. LOL

  6. I recently came across a Syroco mirror that I wanted to buy but didn't because I thought it would look too fancy among the other things in my room.

  7. where was all of this?! that folding chair is awesome, and for $5, such a great find :)

  8. I need to take a page out of your book and do these "what I didn't buy" features again. I've been leaving lots behind lately as I'm behind on listing things and my booth space is full. (NO time for fixer-uppers, either!)

    I LOVE the desk, the first two chairs, the bar cart and the creepy cat on velvet, I wouldn't have left the cat on velvet behind ;)

  9. Just found your blog and shop and I love it all.

    I'm compelled to comment because I used to have that exact mirror with yellow flowers. It lived with me all through college until it crahshed in a move. I still displayed with cracks for a couple of years. So glad to see it has a twin!