A few weeks ago while thrifting I found the giant black clothes pin above. It's not vintage, but I couldn't resist its charm. I also recently sold a brass giant paper clip in the Kitsch Café shop, then found another one last week. I'm thinking maybe I should keep it and officially start a "giant office supplies" collection... hmmm...

Here are some other giant clips and pins I found on Etsy. Enjoy...

Can you imagine a collection of these large vintage paper clips grouped together on a windowsill or bookshelf? That'd make me faint from the awesomeness.

Giant vintage brass paper clip :: sold from Kitsch Café (this is the first one I found)
Desktop note holder :: $9.99 from thisotherthing
Giant paper clip :: $15 from Kitsch Café

Maybe I should just focus solely on collecting large clothes pins. These are hilarious... I love everything about them.

Blue paper clip :: $14 from collectedfat
Large clothes pin :: $10 from elensolete

Over sized safety pins? GET OUT!

Giant paper clips :: $6 from deweydecimals
Giant safety pins :: $6 from deweydecimals


  1. LOVE that large orange clothes pin! I could totally see that one incorporated into one of your artsy set-ups ;-) BTW, how often do you come across PBN pictures? Do you grab all of them, and if so, keep them or sell them? I like the one you have in the background - looks like one of mine.

  2. i can't find your email address, so i will have to respond here... i find PBNs every few months. i usually get the ones i see and i put them in my shop. the one above is here:

  3. I love giant clothespins too. I use mine to hang clip art on the wall. They're fun. And hey—I remember that giant paper clip! ;)