When I was in Los Angeles in October I did a bit of thrifting with J. I've been told by several freinds that thrifting is better in the valley as well as east in places like Riverside. So, we headed off to the valley then headed over to Arcadia. We hit a few junk shops and thrift shops.

We first stopped at an independent thrift shop where I found some vintage tea towels and a few other items that were too big to fit in a suitcase. I liked the ashtray above, but do people still buy ashtrays?

I also found this fun southwestern style lamp which would be cool in a vintage-y eclectic interior. And the flour and sugar containers that were just so so.

This paper silhouette was fun, but too big to take home. The only thing I bought at this store were some kitschy tea towels which are now in the shop.

Next, we found two junk shops next to some train tracks (aren't the junk places always near train tracks). I don't normally go to junk shops and I was a bit overwhelmed, but they are J's favorite kind of thrift store.

That Plycraft chair is great and was only $200. I couldn't fit it in my suitcase, so it had to stay. And check out the robot... Totally 80s!

I didn't really see anything else I liked at the two junk shops. I did end up buying this totally 80s rainbow tin and a fun Aries zodiac mug, which have already sold in the shop.

Finally, we headed over to Arcadia because J's favorite sushi restaurant is there. After filling ourselves with all-you-can-eat sushi, we hit some Goodwills. They didn't result in really much of anything... nothing really even worthy of a photo.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed with thrifting in SoCal. Granted, I only went to a few shops. But the ones we did go to were very picked over. I was hoping to find some great pottery or some awesome wooden candlesticks... something that's mod. It seems like all of you that live and thrift in SoCal get lucky and find all that cool MCM stuff that I never find in the Mid-West.

Hopefully, when I am back in LA in the spring, I can try out some other locations and find some great stuff.

What DIDN'T you buy at the thrift store lately?


  1. I have to agree 100% that things are "picked over" in SoCal... it's kinda crazy, I feel like we have to work twice as hard (or visit twice as any shops) in order to come up with the same quality of things as people almost anywhere else! But glad you were able to visit our 'hood. I'm gonna have to check out Riverside one of these days, tho it's a bit of a trek for me.

  2. I grew up in socal and currently live in norcal... let me tell you - both the north and the south are picked over. I see what people find in the midwest and of course I believe it must be the mecca of thrifting. You'd think once in a while you might get lucky with a dealer who doesn't know what they have, but nope! Seems like everyone knows what they have :/

  3. @modern... you might have to work harder, but you definitely find better quality items when you do find stuff.

    @molly... there are some finds in the midwest, but mostly it's all kitsch.

  4. @knitxcore... yeah, it was a really great lamp!