I'm always looking for a good mid-century lamp. Especially one with a ceramic or wood base.

Mostly what I find is miles and miles of brass lamps, the occasional Irmi nursery rhyme lamp and the usual Wal-Mart made in China ugliness.

This totally hilarious owl lamp was ceramic and in decent condition. It maybe could be cool with a fresh coat of glossy white spray paint.

Irmi lamps usually sell well in the shop. This Jack and Jill version was in great condition, but was priced at something too high for a thrift store. It was, like, $30.

This cool ceramic lamp, which I don't need, has a nice mid-century shape.

I'm waiting for the day when I can buy ceiling/pendant lights like these two. I think the white mod one is IKEA, but it's still cool. The other has 1970s bar written all over it.

What DIDN'T you buy at the thrift store recently?


  1. yeah. i love that jack and jill lamp.

  2. I have a What I Didn't Buy post up today, too. Love these lamps! If the price was right I'd bring home the owl one and the mod-shaped one! Thrift Store prices are getting outrageous these days...

  3. @knit... it was really nice... just too pricey!

    @van... the mod lamp was pretty cool... i just don't have room for it!