I have a bunch of "what I didn't buy" photos backing up on my phone. So, I thought I'd put together a few installments by subject. Today... furniture.

These tables could all be great in the right environment. The silver glass combo on the left would be an awesome dining table with some super mod chairs. The green plastic side table could be either super BoHo or minimal mod. The mirrored side table on the right could be totally glam in the right setting.

The wooden chairs on the left would look great around a Saarinen tulip table. And I can picture the yellow office chairs in a mod design or architecture office.

I've always wanted a French-inspired sofa like this. I love mixing antiquey with mod. It would have to be reupholstered in a neutral fabric like tan or gray and maybe the frame repainted.

I always love a good, mod hutch and I see them fairly often. I don't have a need for one, but these two would be great for a dining room or living room. Or how about an artist's studio... I can see two of these sitting side by side holding fabric, paints, etc. It would be cool to paint them something bright, like pink and orange.

I mentioned above I am not looking for a hutch, but I am looking for a smallish sideboard/cabinet like this one. I was standing in the thrift store considering it, when this woman wheeled her cart in front of me and said in a bitchy tone, "Um, I've already claimed that." Ok, whatever, you weren't even anywhere near it when I got there. It wasn't in the best condition anyway.

What DIDN'T you buy at the thrift store recently?


  1. I LOVE those yellow office chairs! If I could get another - with wheels - I would have a matching set!

  2. @katie... they were really great chairs, but i can't put any more stuff in my already cramped apartment!

  3. too bad about the bitchy lady, I'm also looking for a similar sideboard and that one's pretty nice.

  4. Drew do you mind if I ask what thrift store(s) you saw all this awesome stuff at? I have been looking for a mod hutch all over the place and I can't find one that I like that's my kind of price...I'm amazed that you found TWO at a thrift store!

  5. I loved above all pieces of furniture particularly the French-inspired sofa I loved the most but I think, if I can get the same with white color then it would be great with my existing white furniture and will make my place more elegant. Anyway, thanks for sharing.