I was in LA again a few weeks ago and was able to thrift in Culver City and Santa Monica and also around Pasadena and Arcadia. We hit up about 8 stores total... the pickings were slim. Seems like it's the same around the country as I've had very poor luck recently in Ohio, too.

Anyway, to all the stuff I DIDN'T buy...

We stopped at a boutique-y type thrift store across from Sony Studios in Culver City which had a lot of cool stuff. I bought a cool TWA carry-on bag but had to leave the great Mikasa sugar, creamer and mug and the HIS mug.

A few church related charity shops turned up some good finds, like a Dansk fish-shaped trivet that I bought for $2. I also found this cool rooster that reminds me of a Dala horse, this fun Copco Michael Lax style kettle and this groovy, folksy, neonish wall-hanging.

This Y plastic and styrofoam signage would sell well in the shop, but it was too large for my luggage. And this silver carafe is super mod and fun but too large to stuff in to my carry-on.

I find these Dansk pitchers all the time without their lids! And this soup mug set is totally fun and would do well in the shop, but again it was too much to carry home in my luggage across three time zones.

I usually see my friend Robert when I am in LA. This time we went to the Helms Bakery to check out some of the cool designy shops.

We saw lots of cool things, like these overpriced pieces of signage and this creepy clown clock.

There were also some amazing things, like vintage school maps and diagrams, some from Europe.

What DIDN'T you buy at the thrift store lately?


  1. Woah, so many goodies you have to leave behind! My mom had pieces from that soup set but not the whole thing. I want that illustration in the last shot, and the whole photo is inspiring me to get organized- nice store set-up!

  2. I love the traveling thrift post! It inspires me to go somewhere.

  3. @van... that soup set was great. it was in its original packing, too.

    @megan... you should take a day-trip somewhere and go thrifting!