When I was in NYC a few weeks ago, I noticed a lot of men carrying canvas tote bags. I snucked (is that a word?) a photo of this guy using a cool 80s inspired splattered paint bag from H&M. I also grabbed a photo of a few bags hanging at Topman. Canvas tote bags have been around for years, but this is the first time I have seen men using them as a fashion accessory.

About two months ago, while digging around in a large bin at a Goodwill outlet, I found this cool vintage Hawaii souvenir bag for 25¢... yes, 25 cents! It was in rough shape but I threw it in the washer and it came out like-new.

There are lots of great canvas bags out there. A quick search on Etsy came back with a ton of results. Check out some of these cool bags I found:

Canvas Tote Bag - Vintage Bicycle by packsandtotes, $13
Canvas Bag - Office Chair by WhoDoesntWantThat, $8
Canvas Bag - Silverware by WhoDoesntWantThat, $8
Mustache Collection Tote Bag by Theoldbanana, $10
Beards are Sexy Tote Bag by Theoldbanana, $10
Organic Raw Canvas Tote with Natural Leather Straps by ribandhull, $71

Canvas tote bags are an inexpensive way to add some trendiness to your wardrobe. They are also durable which makes them great for summer activities.


  1. Love the m(o)ustaches! Maybe I can get the BF to carry one of these instead of that raggedy bookbag...


  2. yes, i think you should get him one... ratty old bookbags are not cool!!!

  3. The word would just be snuck...OR...kinneared (stems from here the Yarn Harlot! I love that word.

  4. hey! we stumbled upon your blog and we love it. we're linking you to our site. looking forward to future updates...cheers!

    Erin and Jeannine
    School of Vintage

  5. @rueby... kinneared would have been great! and not just because greg kinnear is cute.

    @erin and @jeannine... thanks for stopping by! i'll be sure to check out your site, too!

    @lily... i do too. and i like your name, too!

  6. I've noticed this trend too and have no complaints. I love the Mustache Collection tote, myself.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  7. Hi, is the mustache tote still available?
    You can drop me an email at

  8. RIBANDHULLs are of Rolls-Royce quality. Got one.

  9. Nice fashion trend! this winter stay stylish and trendy with cool color canvas totebag and stylish accessories!