Ahhh, the Cherner chair. That amazing piece of mid-century awesomeness that's as rare as it is expensive... a new one is $1000 so I can't even image what a vintage one would cost.

The chair was designed in 1958 by Norman Cherner. After many requests to reissue the chair, in 1999 his sons started the Cherner Chair Company making reproductions. The chairs come in a variety of styles: with or without arm rests, with or without upholstery, different stains and colors, etc.

For this version of Inspired Spaces, I responded strongly to the room above when I saw the Cherner chair and the subtle nautical theme. Enjoy...

1 :: Flat Bar Brno Chair by Knoll via YLiving, $1588
2 :: Driftwood Table Lamp via Amazon, $150
3 :: X Leg Dining Table from Gardiner Haskins, no price
4 :: Orignal Cherner Chair by the Cherner Chair Company, $1000
5 :: Green Blown Glass Net Float from Eldred's Auctioneers, $258
6 :: Stitch Lounger Chair and Ottoman by Sjotime Industries, no price
7 :: Bali Sisal Rug from, $109


  1. Hello! I have 4 original 1957 Cherner chairs (were my great aunt's) that I am willing to sell. I live in Seattle however...would you be interested? Thanks much - Jody

  2. jody... that would be great. can you send me your email address? kitschcafevintage [at] gmail

    1. Hi - I am so sorry for not getting back to you - never saw this reply. My email is I still have them and am open to selling them. Thank you!

  3. Hello, How do I get in touch with you? There is no email or contact info listed .. please advise .. thanks .. Mary. Please contact me maryregency at gmail dot com

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