I love seeing how people and places have changed over the years. Maybe that's one reason I like vintage items so much.

I recently came across this set of Beatles photos paired with the current location (the "now" photos were taken in the late 80s.)

Check out this project that Argentine artist Irina Werning is working on called "Back to the Future."

There are entire Flickr groups created for this topic. One of my favorites is Looking in to the Past. Here are some of my faves from Flickr user jasonepowell...


  1. I love these photos, too. I've seen lots of these, including the first few included in this post, but had never come across the last set - such a great take on the concept!

    May I also say I'm so happy I found your blog? I think I started following you on twitter after someone retweeted something of yours and I'm so glad I did. I'm really enjoying your posts!

  2. @happy... yes, the last set is great! i love that flickr group. and thank you for stopping by! i am glad you found me and that you are enjoying my blog.

  3. Wow thanks for posting this! I was completely unfamiliar with these flickr groups, but I have always been fascinated about how the city I live in has changed over the years. The Then and Now San Francisco is my favorite coffee table blog :)

  4. I also enjoy your blog. Nice post too. It's fun to see how things change and see how much they remain the same that's why I like vintage stuff too.

  5. @velvet... i love "then and now" photos. the last set of photos is my fave... so clever.

    @john... thanks for visiting!