On my wish list right now is a kilim rug. But, wait, what is that? How is a kilim rug different than a "regular" rug. Well, dear readers, I am going to educate you...

A kilim rug is pileless and other rugs are piled which also makes them carpets. When making a kilim rug, the wefts and wraps are interwoven as in weaving on a loom. Other kinds of rugs use small pieces of knotted yarn. Think of it this way... latch hook rugs are piled rugs; the yarn is just giant compared to their fancier thinner-yarn using cousins. Get it now?

Most kilim rugs originated in the Middle East, such as Turkey and Iran. The word kilim comes from a Turkish word. These rugs can be used on the floor or hung on the wall as art. You can even find kilim throw pillows, place mats, etc.

I like them because they fit right in to a modern interior. Check out these examples:

See? I told you so. Aren't these examples the coolest! You can find kilim rugs all over the internets. I found the ones bellow at carpetview.com.


  1. Yummy kilims. I need to find me some rugs this weekend at the Rose Bowl. We'll have to make a stop over at the Rose when you're in LA!

  2. Hey Drew, good to see you posting again, love the new blog. I keep debating reinventing CincinnatiModernation myself, keep up the good work!


  3. @dabito... yes, the rose bowl might work!

    @chris... thanks for stopping by! and do the blog reinvention... it will make you excited again about blogging.

  4. Cheers......it would be perfect for my room. Excellent work.
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