I'm very excited to share a short interview with the amazing Kristina and Jason of the fabulous illustration studio INALUXE. If you aren't familiar with their work you will soon be obsessed after seeing their work below. Their über modtastic illustration work has been featured in magazines such as Real Living and Uppercase. Most recently they were invited to be a part of the Artists Portfolio of Prints, and the Year of Colour created by Kate Spade. Enjoy the interview!

Your work has such a mid-century modern feel. Was this a happy accident or did you set out to create this look?
It was all purely by accident - a 'happy accident' as you say.  I've always loved bold graphic patterns, and colour. My influences come more from artists like Henri Matisse and Mark Rothko than say mid century design or illustration. I've always been a little partial to Japanese art too - the space and composition of the work has appealed to me since the age of 10. Funny how we carry these things with us, and they are life changing in our art.

Where do you find your inspiration for your illustrations?
It's hard to say. It might be the texture on a brick wall, or the softness of an old wooden floor. Maybe it's a textile weave, such as linen. With regard to shapes -  that really just happens when I get the paint brushes and paint out. It's very much a journey, not so much a specific destination. It's a process of elimination alot of the time. Ten designs might get filtered down to one finished design.  But there's no guarantee!

Does your home also have a Mid-century modern feel to it?
Our home is a mish-mash of all eras.  It's more of an eclectic mix of objects and furniture from the early 1900s to today.  We have broad taste in terms of what appeals, and can't really seem to settle on one era or style. Sometimes it's awkward trying to make it all work, and fit into an interior space, but we get there. I think buying an object you love is just so natural - regardless of style. Having said that, we do own several mid century pieces that we just love.

Do you like being surrounded by vintage items?
Most definately! There's that wonderful history in a vintage piece. And on an aesthetic level they are just so beautiful, for so many reasons. The term "they just don't make 'em like this anymore..." comes up a lot.

Do you like thrifting?
Love it. I love looking for everything from furniture, home decor to fashion accessories. Jason always heads over to the books, and records. It's not often we come home empty handed.

What are some of your favorite things to collect?
I'm going through a ceramic porcelain phase at the moment. I don't collect any particular style, or designer - it's purely visual appeal for me, and the mix is diverse. It might be the colour, pattern, or the shape that draws me in. The only criteria is that they are small - sugar bowls, sake cups, tea cups, etc. Aside from this, it's anything goes, but I do love vintage fabric, particularly linen for its crispness.

Jason's record collection is varied, but usually he cherry picks the easy listening and country records one usually finds discarded at thrift stores. Books gerenally include older copies of literary classics - ie: anything by Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen, and even Ian Flemming - how can you go past James Bond 007!

And we both love old reference books. ACES!

Thanks, Kristina and Jason! See more of their work at the INALUXE shop and on their blog.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing artist! Her illustrations are magical!

  2. @echo... it's like eye candy!

  3. You're a sweetie Drew! thanks so much for the fun - you rock! xo Kristina + Jason

  4. I also love Inaluxe, and Korean food!