I've always rented and never owned. So I've never really had the option of painting my walls or putting up wallpaper. I don't mind white walls, but sometimes it'd be nice to mix things up, ya know?

I just came across these cool retro self-adhesive vinyl wallpapers by Tempaper. It was created with renters in mind; it's temporary and repositionable. It can be applied to any primed and painted surface, like walls, doors, interiors, tiles, mirrors, etc. Cool!

It's very retro and vintage inspired. Here are a few of my favorites from their collection...


  1. This is perfect! I'll have to keep this in mind since I am always renting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. whoa awesome. i didn't even know this existed! i own, but considering my revolving door policy with paint colors (it's a problem), the temporary wallpaper would suit that perfectly :)

  3. @veda... yeah, it's great for us renters!!

    @school... give it a try. you can move it around your house!

  4. Hi from Spain Drew! I come to visit you from Flickr. Very cool blog! Interesting posts. I like interior desing a lot.
    Saw your items in etsyshop too. Love it.I'll tell my friends about it.

  5. This is great for us non-renters too who don't want to commit to the real messy thing :-) I can totally see doing my closets like this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. @lola... thanks for visiting!

    @maine... yes, wallpapering is yucky!!