Well, hello, there. After a 3 1/2 month break, I am back! I was very busy during the autumn doing lots of things... teaching, working part time for my old employer, having great sales with the shop, and taking web design classes. I've finally been able to come back up for air.

I didn't do too much thrifting over the past few months. When I was able to find some time I didn't find much anyway. It seems as if no one is donating and the pickins are slim. Many items aren't what I am looking for or just not good enough to buy...

These stools all seem a bit too 50s/60s for me. The stool on the right is the most mod. I love the simple legs.

That green upholstered chair could be great in the right interior. I'd probably reupholster it. The wood Danish chairs would also be great around a Saarinen white tulip table, or that knock off version by IKEA (which I really want). The orange chair is fun, but looks too much like a bath chair and not enough like an Eames. BTdubs, did everyone see the American Masters Eames episode?

I have a soft spot in my heart for the wicker chairs in the middle since my parents had these when I was growing up. I remember rocking in the them at the dinner table and driving my dad nuts.

I love the chair on the far right... It'd be great if the cushion was reupholstered in cream or light gray then covered with a sheep skin from IKEA. Oh, and I really want a cow hide rug from IKEA... does that make me bad?

What DIDN'T you buy lately?


  1. My grandma had those wicker chairs too, total soft spot for them! Someday i'll have a full set. Glad you're back!

  2. Oh Wow! Love them all, could use the aqua blue bar stools. I think we all had the wicker chairs growing up! LOVE!

    And I'm SO glad to have you back to blogging. You were missed.

  3. @alyssa and @sarah... happy to be back! thanks for visiting.

  4. It most certainly does not make you bad for wanting the Ikea sheepskin or cowhide! They are made from animals in the food industry, so nothing has gone to waste!

    And I love the cane chairs too.

  5. Yay for fun holiday thrifting :) Hope you're good!! xx Marisa

  6. Oh, all so lovely! I especially love the set of aqua stools. I leave all furniture behind these days- I have no space for 'em!

  7. @katie... that's good to know about the cowhide and the sheep skins!

    @marisa... i'm great! thanks for stopping by!!!

    @van... yeah, i don't have any more room for furniture, either.