Some of the (few) kitschy thrift finds from September that were/are in the shop...

:: The child's clock on the far left fooled me. It's actually a reproduction from the early 2000s. Doh! I really need to read the fine print before buying.
:: I love the gold pirate ship. I had to talk myself out of keeping it for myself. It's currently in the shop.
:: The awesome apple clock was in the shop. It sold and was sent to Australia.
:: Anything rainbow sells quickly, and the rainbow tray went fast.
:: These granny chic red bowls are in the shop.

:: This print by Medeiros will be in the shop shortly. I couldn't pass it up because it has an uncanny likeness to a neighbor kid that lived across the street when I was little.
:: A child's suitcase in GREAT condition, in the shop.
:: Groovy lemon juice carafe, in the shop.
:: A unique Thermos container that has a handle, which I've never seen. In the shop.


  1. great finds!! i bought that same apple clock last year from the antique mall where i'm now set up and gave it to an apple-loving friend for her birthday. it's so cute!

  2. NICE scores, as always. We had that apple clock in our kitchen long, long ago :) I have the same pirate boat but instead of gold it's bronzy. I've held on to it all year but now I'm finally going to let it go.

  3. Ohhhh I have the original of that clock! I remember playing with it when I was a kid :D All cute stuff!

  4. Oh those are some nice finds. I especially love that apple clock. No surprise that was snatched up so quickly.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  5. I love that apple clock, too! Glad it's gone to a new home... And that suitcase, mighty cute. Gonna go check it out right now. ~Jenny

  6. @jamie... i was thinking i should keep the apple clock, but i have too much stuff!

    @van... sometimes you need to just let things be free!

    @molly... the clock is too cute!

    @jenny... the suitcase is in great condition. it was a real find.