One of my goals for the blog is to add a few personal posts from time to time. I thought I'd share some photos of my trip to the zoo yesterday...

I love lemurs, but this Coquerel’s Sifaka was just as cute hopping from tree to tree. The mother and baby Bonobo were crazy cute. The baby came up to the glass and looked at us with the cutest darkest biggest eyes. It was totally amazing.

Lots of animals had babies, like these Gibbons. My opinion of zoos aren't that favorable, but at least these captive animals can reproduce.

J. was in town from LA visiting for the week. I had him pose next to the gorilla statue since I always call him my "gorilla." I love this photo of him... very cute!

Have any of you been to the zoo recently?


  1. Twice in the last two weeks...most recently New Year's Eve :)


    Not much of a primate guy, though.

  2. I always make my husband pose next to gorilla things, because he pretty much is a gorilla. i went to the st. louis zoo during the summer and it was great.

  3. Yes! We have annual passes and have pictures of my 2 yo on this very gorilla. He LOVES the zoo and we are lucky that Cincy has such a nice one.

  4. @guilt... wow, you are a zoo junkie!

    @rae... mine is a gorilla, too, so this statue was perfect.

    @jessica... it was a good zoo, even in the cold weather!