Over the past month or so I haven't had too many great thrifting trips. I've found a few decent things, but nothing really great to report.

Yesterday I decided to spend the day shopping. I visited around 10 thrifts and found some great stuff. Some were kinda pricey, but I was willing to pay the asking price.

I'm a sucker for kitschy wall-hangings. This cat and dog pair caught my eye right away. And the paint-by-numbers is in great condition and will do well in the shop.

I've found a few of the Polaroid one-step cameras with the rainbow stripe, but I've never kept one for myself. This one was kinda pricey, but I decided to splurge since I recently came across a pack of 600 film tucked away in a closet.

The two upside down light bulbs are actually salt and pepper shakers made in Japan. They were too cute to pass up and will be in the shop soon.

I collect white pottery and glass, and when I saw this hand/fist I immediately put it in my cart. I'm not quite sure what it is since it has a hole in the bottom as well as the top. I assume there is something missing. I dodn't care, I still like it.

And the ceramic glove mold was too cool to not buy.

I collect wooden candle holders, so when I saw this dove/bird piece I did a little happy dance. It looks like one of the "wings" is missing, but it's still cool.

I freaked out when I saw the Dansk Købenstyle carafe. It's something I've been looking for and it's in good condition. I will definitely use it instead of just putting it on a shelf and looking at it.

The Japanese apple canister will do will in the shop.

The splurge of the day was this piece of West German pottery. It was $28 which I thought was a good buy. If it had been white, I would have crapped my pants. But I still like red which will go well with my orange and red pottery.

What have YOU thrifted recently?


  1. I wish I could find such amazing things! I've been striking out lately. I LOVE the birdy candle holder and the apple canister!

  2. Great finds, love the glove hand.

  3. those gravel paintings are dreamy!

  4. I found your blog through another one (you know how that goes). When I saw that white fist with a hole I had to laugh because I found one just like it while thrifting last week! I figured it can be used for lots of things: lollipops at your desk, toothbrush holder, tie a bunch of balloons to it, etc. It's pretty fun, right?