Usually about once or twice a year a phenomenon I call a "feng shui attack" envelopes my life for a few days at a time. It usually is triggered when I feel that I have too much "stuff" and need to purge.

I'm currently in the middle of one such attack (my car is filled with bags and boxes full of stuff to donate.) While I was cleaning out the living room I decided to take a few hours and rearrange. Which a minimum amount of effort, I made it a bit more inviting and comfy. It seems to work a bit better now and looks more professional.

The tulip table I bought months ago has finally been reassembled. It's not the best use of a dining table, but it will do for now.

Instead of buying new throw pillows, I just whipped up some new ones using an old striped sweater and an old Urban Outfitters bed coverlet.

I also dug around my fabric stash and found some awesome old IKEA fabric that I am going to use to finally cover the cushions of the Danish modern chair I've had for years. When I leave this apartment this chair will go with me, so I am going to take my time with this one and make a sample using muslin to get it right before I use the "real" fabric.

I recommend spending an hour or two and rearranging a room in your home. It can make a huge difference.


  1. Looks so good! I have to go through the seasonal purges and rearranging moods in my home too, it's great to have a fresh start. Working on pricing things to get 'em out of here at the moment...

  2. At least once a year, we take all the art off our walls and start over, putting pieces in new rooms and coming up with new combinations. It's the quickest and most dramatic way to make our apartment and all the stuff in it feel new. Plus, after a while, it can be hard to really SEE your artwork, but putting it on a new wall or next to something different makes it seem fresh and new again.

  3. Drew, you have a great eye; I love, love, love mcm. I especially like the art above the credenza (so jealous).