Hey everyone... I'M BACK! Sorry it's been a YEAR since I last posted. I'm not sure why I stopped updating the blog, it's not like my hands got cut off in some crazy bad ass honey badger accident and I couldn't type.

Anyhoo, I'm just going to start right back in with another edition of WHAT I DIDN'T BUY (at the thrift store)...

A few weeks ago I went to Indianapolis for the weekend to see a friend perform as the Baker's Wife in Into the Woods (she was amazing!) I went up in the morning and spent the day thrifting. I found some great stuff! And I will show you that great stuff at the end of this post. But first, you cheeky monkey, I need to show you WHAT I DIDN'T BUY...

This hutch was great. And it was only $70. But I have no room nor reason to purchase said hutch. So I took a photo and away I went. 

This little guy with a cork head looked like he was supposed to be something vintage and amazing. But I didn't know if he was vintage or retro or something that's worth a billion dollars because he's rare and Scandinavian or something. So I left him. And the large tumbler was fun, but just didn't get my juices flowing (see what I did there).

The wooden tray bowl hybrid was awesomely mod, but it had a nick. And I like the clock, but not that much to buy it for the shop.

Ok, so now on to some of the amazing things I did find in Indy...

Why yes, that's an Alvar Aalto designed Iittala votive candle holder. It's not vintage, but it was only $1. I also found an amazing "TOTE" bag that's perfect for my MacBook. I also kept that brown and blue and tan mod vase. And also that giant paperclip. The black and multi-colored pot, the Orchids of Hawaii tiki mugs and the white enamel kettle are all in the shop.

What DIDN'T you buy recently at the thrift store recently?


  1. wow, i wish they had a hutch like that in thrifts over here - no way it'd be only $70!

    I'm pretty sure the little man with the cork in his head is from David Stewart. Unusual color on him...

    1. yeah, the hutch was great. you seem them a lot here, but this one was extra mod.

      i need to learn more about pottery!

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout out! I'm ready to plan a trip to your place so we can go thrifting together and I can NOT buy things, too!! ;)