Lately, it seems as though things are picking up at the thrifts. I've been able to find at least one decent item whenever I go thrifting... which is maybe once a week at this point.

:: I love this little metal TEA container. I know it goes with a complete flour-sugar-coffee-tea set, but it's still cute on its own. I'm sure it will sell quickly in the shop.

:: I usually don't like to sell single mugs, but this one was too good to pass up. The pattern and its size makes it unusual.

:: Sets of mugs usually sell well. I couldn't pass up this set of six Japanese mugs. They are in great condition and the glazing is a really cool decorative element.

:: This little, but heavy, ceramic bird was too good to pass up. It has some condition issues, but I'm confident it will sell in the shop. It's signed, "1975 Hartwig."

:: These two pieces of pottery got my attention right away. The vase is signed "Turpin 1986" and the bowl has a West Germany sticker on the bottom. I contemplated keeping them, but I will put them in the shop... I can't keep everything I find!

What have YOU found at the thrift store recently?


  1. Great finds! Well, the Hartwig may be overpriced at this shop but its still pretty exciting.

  2. I got some awesome stuff LAST weekend! I love your tea cannister too!

  3. Do you still have the bird? I'm interested in purchasing it.

    1. PJ... yes i do still have the bird. send me an email... drewsteinbrecher (at} gmail